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About the webinar

"do you know the Dark Side of Forex?"

Webinar Highlights

• Role of emotions in trading
• Why 95% of traders make loses
• Your competitors in forex
• Fundamentals of forex trading

Know Your Trainer

Anoop Upadhyaye


Anoop Upadhyaye, a highly experienced NSE certified trainer and currency trading expert, has successfully mentored over 10,000 students worldwide. His comprehensive programs provide practical education and equip students with the skills to navigate the currency market confidently. Join Anoop on a transformative journey to unlock your potential for financial success in currency trading.


"Trader's Orb transformed me from a novice to a confident trader. Now, I achieve consistent profits and financial independence."
"I've gone from a trading novice to a confident trader, consistently earning profits and gaining financial independence, thank you Traders Orb."
niketa panchal
"I'm a successful trader now. The practical approach and Anoop sir made complex concepts easy to understand."
om parmar

About Us

At Traders Orb, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive education in the field of currency trading. We understand that many people mistakenly perceive trading as gambling and overlook the importance of acquiring knowledge in this domain. Our mission is to debunk these misconceptions and empower individuals with the right skills and understanding to navigate the currency markets effectively. ​

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading provider of currency trading education, equipping students with the tools and strategies necessary for success. Through our carefully designed programs, we aim to bridge the gap between misconceptions and reality, enabling individuals to make informed trading decisions and achieve their financial goals. ​

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